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O HTC – História, Territórios, Comunidades, polo na NOVA FCSH do Centro de Ecologia Funcional, a SEDPGYM ‒ Sociedad Española para la Defensa del Patrimonio Geológico y Minero, a EICEL 1920 e o Município de Rio Maior, congregam esforços para realizar esta nova edição das Jornadas “Memórias do carvão”, que esteve programada para 2020 mas a pandemia obrigou a adiar.

The II Journeys will take place in Rio Maior on the 18th and 19th of November p.f., in a hybrid form in person and online, at the premises of Escola Superior de Desporto from the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém. An optional field visit is being planned, on the 17th of November, to points of regional geological-mining interest.

Without discarding other topics related to the organization axis of the Conferences – Memory, Heritage, Decarbonization – the Scientific Committee invites the presentation of works within the scope of the following themes:

  • Coal and industry
  • Recovery and enhancement of coal mining-industrial heritage
  • Work, health, culture and leisure in coal mining communities
  • Museum experiences and pedagogical actions
  • The decarbonization paradigm
  • Environmental impacts of the coal industry
  • Abandoned mines and carbon sequestering
  • Coal in literature and popular traditions

Communications may be presented orally (in person or via the internet via a link provided by the Organization) or in the form of a poster, and interested parties should take into account the deadlines (add it to your calendar) and the norms that appear on the Jornadas website and submitted through form there. The proposals will be subject to a review process, foreseeing the subsequent editing of the texts selected by the Scientific Committee.

Any supervening questions can be addressed to us through the email of contacto

Organizing Committee

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